About Us

AcademyHealth Annual Research Meeting

June 14-16, 2015 — Minneapolis, MN

AcademyHealth's Annual Research Meeting is a leading forum for health services research. More than 2,400 attendees gather annually to discuss health policy implications, share research methods, and network with colleagues from across the country and the world.

We will be presenting at this event.

About Commonwealth Medicine

Our comprehensive, innovative health care solutions draw on our team’s academic knowledge and public health service expertise.

Ready for today and tomorrow

As the health care consulting division of UMass Medical School, Commonwealth Medicine uses academic research to make evidence-based recommendations. With our help, government agencies, nonprofits, and managed care organizations are able to meet today’s health care challenges — and are prepared for what’s to come.

Our public university–state agency model offers state agencies a unique approach to improving health care outcomes while controlling costs.

As leaders in the development and implementation of health care reform, we understand current health care trends. We also recognize, and plan for, the potential impact change can have on health care delivery systems — and on patients.

With the goal of providing better access to health care, we use this knowledge in a variety of ways:

  • Customize our services to meet the current needs our clients
  • Maintain flexibility to adapt to the health care trends of the future
  • Anticipate the potential needs of special populations
  • Build health care delivery systems that address immediate requirements
  • Create accountable care organizations and medical home models
  • Develop and use quality measures to meet our high standards for excellence

Improving quality, controlling costs

With our customized programs and services, many state and local health care agencies have been able to control health care costs, while increasing the value of their health care spending. At the same time, we help at-risk and uninsured populations gain better access to quality health care.