Case Management

Living at home, or in another community setting, can dramatically improve quality of life for people with disabilities. But it’s not always easy to identify, obtain, and maintain the supports and services that are necessary.

At Commonwealth Medicine, we offer a wide range of case management programs though our Disability and Community Services unit to help people with disabilities and their families navigate the system more effectively:

  • Individuals with acquired brain injuries
  • Children with complex medical needs
  • People with developmental and complex medical disabilities

Our goal is to ensure that people with disabilities, and others with medical conditions requiring complex medical care, receive the care they need.

Individuals with acquired brain injuries

People with acquired brain injuries often live in nursing homes or rehabilitation facilities, even when it might be possible for them to live in a home or community setting.

Commonwealth Medicine consultants help agencies identify people with acquired brain injuries whose quality of life could be improved in home or community settings. We then create transition plans to help with the following:

  • Moving
  • Procuring necessary services
  • Ensuring success in the new homes

Through our work with the Acquired Brain Injury Waiver Program in Massachusetts, our expert team has developed a process for assembling the services necessary for the move to happen. We make the transition as smooth as possible. Our team also helps other states develop and implement similar programs.

Children with complex medical needs

For parents of children who are seriously ill and have highly complex medical needs, coordinating in-home care and services can be difficult.

Commonwealth Medicine offers case management consulting services to help public agencies improve these families’ ability to gain access to the services their children need.

We use our Center for Health Care Financing's third-party liability expertise to help states identify private insurers that can assume some of the financial burden for medically complex care. This results in improved care for the children as well as reduced financial cost to the state.

Our experience providing community case management in Massachusetts informs our consulting capabilities and offerings to other states. We provide families with a single point of contact for the range of services offered by state and local agencies. We also help coordinate pharmaceutical care for children who could benefit.

With a nurse case manager coordinating the process, obtaining medically necessary, long-term community care services becomes easier. And quality of life is improved both for the children and their families.

People with developmental and complex medical needs

Commonwealth Medicine has created a model for helping individuals with developmental or complex medical disabilities move from nursing facilities into community settings. Our consultants adapt this model for use in other states, providing similar support systems.

In Massachusetts, our disability and community services team works closely with the state Office of Medicaid to

  • Identify needs
  • Implement an individualized system of supports
  • Coordinate necessary Medicaid-covered services
  • Assess which services are necessary
  • Obtain prior authorization for medically necessary services

These services are offered through our Nursing Home Initiative and our Transitional Case Management Program. Our goal is to remove barriers that can prevent successful moves to homes and apartments in the community.

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