Correctional Health

Commonwealth Medicine serves as a technical, research, and consultative resource for criminal justice agencies in the planning and delivery of health care, mental health and substance abuse services to their populations. We aim to promote best practices through academic initiatives and fostering linkages between criminal justice agencies and state and federal health care, mental health and public health systems.

With an academic approach to correctional health care management, we develop initiatives to promote best practices for cost-effective service delivery. Our health and criminal justice programs focus on the following:

  • Coordination of inpatient and outpatient physician and hospital services
  • Provider network development and contracting
  • Education for health care workers and inmates
  • Clinical research
  • Pharmacy support

We provide a wide range of prison health services, including, but not limited to, the following:

  • Specialized administrative plans for coordinating and assessing health care delivery
  • Implementation of expense-management programs
  • Formulary management
  • Drug utilization review

Correctional Health Conference

We created the Academic and Health Policy Conference on Correctional Health Conference, as a way to emphasize the importance of connecting academic research and correctional health policy. This conference showcases the research on practices that produce the best results in correctional health settings.

The success of this conference led to the development of the Academic Consortium on Criminal Justice Health, an organization of key leaders in the field of justice health research, health career training and clinical care delivery systems. The Consortium provides a venue for collaboration, news and information, and support for its members.

University collaboration

As the health care consulting division of UMass Medical School, we have close relationships with our colleagues in other departments. We tap into their expertise to improve our correctional health care services.

On an ongoing basis, we develop academic programs in correctional medicine in conjunction with our Medical School colleagues in multiple disciplines:

  • UMass Graduate School of Nursing
  • Department of Family Medicine and Community Health at UMass Medical School
  • Research centers within UMass Medical School, including the Department of Psychiatry and the Center for Mental Health Services and Research

Our Health and Criminal Justice Programs partner with other Commonwealth Medicine programs to ensure that the inmate population is served by the full range of our expertise:

  • Federal reimbursement financing
  • Disability benefit training for correctional staff
  • Clinical pharmacy guideline development
  • Health provider education
  • Program analysis and intervention strategies