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National Association of Medicaid Directors

Novemebr 3-5 — Arlington, VA

This conference brings together Medicaid directors, their staff, and policy makers to discuss all aspects of health care as it relates to Medicaid populations.

We will be exhibiting at this event. We hope to see you there!

Health Care Reform

Introducing or altering complex public health care policy requires specialized knowledge of law and policy. Both disciplines are well-represented within Commonwealth Medicine.

With our staff’s focused health care reform expertise, we play an essential role during the development, implementation, and ongoing maintenance of reform initiatives. Whether a reform is designed to expand coverage, improve quality, or contain costs, our team applies extensive policy and legal knowledge throughout the process of making the reform a success.

Commonwealth Medicine has become a sought-after partner for public agencies and nonprofit health policy organizations seeking to reform health care at the state and federal levels.

  • Planning and Policy Development
    We provide operations and strategy consulting for organizations that need to establish programs and policies to meet the requirements of health care reform law.
  • Implementation
    Our team assembles the resources our clients need to implement and maintain health care programs and systems.
  • Quality Management
    Evaluating programs and projects is essential to maintaining quality processes and outcomes — and fulfilling the requirements of state and federal health care reform. Our team works closely with our public agency and nonprofit clients to put quality measures in place. 
  • Medicaid Clinical Program Management
    When we manage clinical programs for Medicaid programs, we focus on quality, cost-effectiveness, and the impact of health reform law. Our team reduces program spending — while maintaining positive patient outcomes.
  • Health Insurance Exchange
    Privacy and security standards are our top priority as we create and implement new health care technology. Our team recently won a $35.6 million grant to develop an online health insurance exchange system that will be rolled out throughout New England.
  • Patient-Centered Medical Home
    We provide clinical, organizational, and policy resources to implement the patient-centered medical home model in primary care practices. This concept emphasizes care coordination and improved access.