Disability and Employment

Just 37 percent of working-age adults with disabilities are employed, even though many more would like to work. Those who do have jobs often earn less than their nondisabled counterparts.

Commonwealth Medicine recognizes that these factors contribute to the high rate of poverty among Americans with disabilities. As a result we evaluate, develop, and promote policies that enhance employment opportunities for adults with disabilities.

  • Our Disability, Health, and Employment Policy team is studying the obstacles that prevent or limit employment among people with disabilities. And we’re developing and implementing policies to overcome those obstacles.
  • Through Work Without Limits, a Massachusetts disability employment initiative, Commonwealth Medicine collaborates with other groups to create an environment that maximizes work opportunities for youths and adults with disabilities and strengthens the state’s workforce.

In particular, our policy research focuses on experiences of youth and adults with disabilities who meet state and/or federal criteria for public disability benefits, or are served by public programs.