Leadership Team

Lisa Colombo
Lisa M. Colombo, DNP, MHA, RN
Executive Vice Chancellor
Jessica Carpenter
Jessica Carpenter, MS, RD, LDN
Interim Managing Director, CDIS
Nick C
Nicholas M. Comeau
Senior Director for Process Improvement
Terry Dougherty
Terry Dougherty, MPH
Corporate Strategy Advisor
Christie L. Hager, JD, MPH
Managing Director, Public & Private Health Solutions
Rose Lewis
Rose A. Lewis, MS
Executive Director, Marketing Communications
Betty Ann MacDonald
Betty Ann MacDonald, BA
Managing Director, Business Transformation Solutions
Headshot photo of Catherine "Katie" Mick, MSW, MBA
Catherine Mick, MSW, MBA
Chief of Staff, Commonwealth Medicine
Patti Onorato
Patti Onorato, RN, MS, ANP
Deputy Executive Vice Chancellor for Operations
Jorge Sanchez, MEd
Director, Client Relations
Michael Schwab, BS
Entity Information Officer
Robert W. Seifert, MPA
Executive Director, Health Law & Policy
Marc A. Thibodeau
Marc A. Thibodeau, MSc, JD
Managing Director, Health Care Finance Solutions