Leadership Team

Lisa Colombo
Lisa M. Colombo, DNP, MHA, RN
Executive Vice Chancellor
Dean P. Briggs
Dean P. Briggs, MSW, PhD, PMP
Interim Director, Business Transformation Solutions
Terry Dougherty
Terry Dougherty, MPH
Corporate Strategy Advisor
Christie Hager
Christie L. Hager, JD, MPH
Managing Director, Public & Private Health Solutions
Patti Onorato
Patti Onorato, RN, MS, APN
Managing Director, Clinical Delivery Solutions
Dr. David Polakoff
David Polakoff, MD, MSc
Chief Medical Officer and Associate Dean
Director, Center for Health Policy and Research
Robert W. Seifert, MPA
Executive Director, Health Law & Policy
Marc A. Thibodeau
Marc A. Thibodeau, MSc, JD
Managing Director, Health Care Finance Solutions