Clinical expertise is critical for administering disability retirement benefits

January 25, 2018
Jody Simpson
Jody Simpson, RN
Executive Director, Disability Services

Disability evaluation can be a challenge for state and municipal retirement system administrators who are responsible for disability awards that have credibility with disability benefit applicants, their employers and the public. To ensure an accurate and comprehensive medical review and recommendation, the retirement system should have access to medical experts experienced in evaluating disability claims.

Most organizations do not have the capacity to employ onsite medical experts, but they can receive clinical assistance from UMass Chan Medical School’s Disability Evaluation Services. We offer public retirement systems, state agencies, and private health care companies comprehensive disability evaluation solutions including; medical board review recommendations, case management services and process improvement strategies.

Our onsite team of more than 50 licensed clinical employees includes over 25 physicians and psychologists with various specialties and subspecialties. We also employ Registered Nurses, licensed Allied Health specialists and Certified Vocational Rehabilitation Counselors. Our entire team are experts in disability rules, regulations, medical record review, the impact of limitations on work-related functions, and projecting duration of disability.

UMass Chan Medical School understands the complexity and importance of the medical review process. With over two decades of experience, our track record assures retirement systems that any disability service we provide will be high quality, thorough and appropriate.

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