SNE-PTN Attends CMS Transforming Clinical Practice Initiative National Expert Panel 2018

August 10, 2018

Practice transformation networks from across the country are going public with their successful results on patients and clinical practices. UMass Chan Medical School’s Southern New England Practice Transformation Network (SNE-PTN) was one of the networks sharing its positive outcomes.

On August 1-3 in Columbia, Maryland, clinical experts, providers, and patients gathered for the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) Transforming Clinical Practice Initiative (TCPi) 2018 National Expert Panel. They joined to come up with the answer to one question: “What does an exemplary clinical practice look like?”

I’m proud that SNE-PTN was among the organizations to participate in this conversation. In approximately one half of a year, SNE-PTN helped 22,765 patients avoid the high cost and real inconvenience that frequently result from  visits to the Emergency Department by diverting them to an optometrist for care.

During and leading up to the meeting, CMS Senior Advisor for Integration and Quality Fred Butler stressed the importance of “celebrating and showcasing exemplary practices.”

By disseminating the formula that led to SNE-PTN’s success and  answering the question of what an exemplary clinical practice looks like, we can begin to pave the way to success for other PTNs. Similarly, we look forward to what we can learn from the excellent work done by PTNs across the national landscape of TCPi.

In pursuit of this goal, TCPi announced its plans to begin rolling out a national registry of successfully transformed clinical practices to show the breadth and depth of network transformation efforts across the delivery system and country.

TCPi believes its national registry will be a powerful national resource, not only for clinical practices, but for the patients they serve as well. The entire SNE-PTN team is  excited to be a part of this exciting new initiative.

SNE-PTN, a collaboration between UMass Chan Medical School and UConn Health, is one of 29 practice transformation networks across the country. The network supports primary care and specialist clinicians to improve the health of their patients and financial health of their practices through technical assistance and shared learning opportunities.