Business Transformation Solutions

Health care organizations require – and demand – rigorous project management to create the environment needed for optimal success. The right techniques and discipline will result in quality deliverables and services, presented on time and on budget.

Business Transformation Solutions is the “home-base” for project management structure across Commonwealth Medicine. The team lays the foundation for a standard project management approach, establishing a standard for high-quality engagements through rigorous discipline. Tools used include project charters, regular status reports, and change management, risk/barrier awareness, and final project wrap-up deliverables.

Our experts utilize project management support to deploy solutions with insightful analytics and actionable recommendations to public and private health care clients. Our approach focuses on reporting and analysis tools to support decision making.

With our process and structure, clients can expect:

  • Formal business planning
  • Performance monitoring and transparency
  • Defined project scope and milestones
  • Reporting and analysis tools
  • Access to subject matter experts