Disability Evaluation Services

Disability Evaluation Services offers streamlined, high-quality, and cost-effective disability determination services for state and local government agencies and retirement boards seeking to improve their benefit eligibility services for individuals with disabilities. Our capabilities include the following:

  • A capacity to simultaneously apply the rules of one or several disability-based federal and state benefit programs
  • An unparalleled cadre of over 60 licensed clinical staff including registered nurses and certified vocational staff experienced in disability evaluation
  • A group of more than 20 onsite licensed Physician Advisors including psychologists, psychiatrists, internal medicine physicians and specialists in pediatrics, cardiology, occupational medicine, emergency medicine and nephrology
  • Development of treating source information via a web-based document management system
  • Recruitment and maintenance of a state-wide multi-specialty medical and psychological consultative examination network

Our skilled professional medical personnel offer a quality-tested approach that incorporates both a medical and vocational review of each case as appropriate. Our coordinated determination process exceeds benchmarks for both state and federal programs and delivers results in a timely and cost-effective manner. We maintain these high-quality standards while handling more than 40,000 disability determinations each year. We currently provide services for Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and Missouri.

Our disability determination services include the following areas:

  • We provide state Medicaid agencies and retirement boards with comprehensive or specialized disability determination services depending on their needs.
  • Our team can help state agencies and retirement boards get through backlogs by taking on elements of the case development process, including web-based medical records collection and document management, consulting services and expert medical and vocational decision-making.
  • Our licensed clinical staff, including registered nurses and certified vocational professionals, conduct medical reviews by gathering information, reviewing medical history, and applying SSI/SSD federal law and regulations to determine disability, and provide testimony regarding the applicant’s condition. If more information is needed, a consultative exam is scheduled with the applicant.

Though we work to provide superior services in the administration of disability-based services to other agencies and organizations, we view individuals with disabilities as our as our primary clients. We ensure that each applicant receives the necessary support to pursue and complete a disability benefit claim. Many times, these applicants may be without phone contact, a permanent location, transportation or a fixed mailing address and/or have physical, emotional or cognitive impairments. To help them, we will collaborate with hospitals, community health centers, shelters and other health care providers as needed.