Health Care Finance Solutions

Our team of several hundred public employees performs cost avoidance and revenue recovery projects of behalf of municipal and state health care and public assistance agencies. Our health policy and legal consultants deliver expertise to support our clients develop and implement innovative programming to ensure people have access to care that is cost-effective and of high quality.  

On an annual basis, we return hundreds of millions in revenue and generate significant cost savings for our public sector clients and, at the same time, often improve the lives of program beneficiaries by helping them secure benefits to which they are entitled.

We are distinguished by our:

  • Deep understanding of the intricacies of publicly funded health care and other entitlement programs;
  • Tremendous depth and breadth of integrated product offerings in the public benefit arena as compared to private sector vendors;
  • Ability to operationalize and customize our services to meet the varying needs of  local and state public clients;
  • Commitment to maintaining the highest standards of data security, data integrity, and confidentiality in all our operations.

Learn more about the solutions we deliver:

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Health Care Reimbursement

Program Integrity & Compliance

  • Financial Compliance
  • Program Compliance

Health Law & Policy

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