Public & Private Health Solutions

Health care delivery systems and payment models in the public and private sectors are complex engines, demanding innovative thinking and broad expertise across several areas. The many moving parts require a comprehensive view of the landscape when considering improvements, new programs and methodology shifts. Success is ultimately realized when existing law and regulations are considered, every impact is examined, all stakeholders are included, outcomes are studied, and enhancements are applied and measured.
We specialize in designing, implementing, and evaluating health care systems programming with a special focus in the areas of health law and policy, children and families, workforce assessment and development, research and evaluation, and employment for people with disabilities.
Learn more about the solutions we deliver:
Program and Policy Development
  • Medicaid waiver design
  • Stakeholder engagement and facilitation
  • Youth violence prevention and child welfare expertise
  • Payment design and modeling


  • Health care workforce assessment and development
  • Solutions to maximize employment for people with disabilities

Program Integrity & Compliance

  • Research and evaluation
  • Survey research
  • Measurement of member/patient experience and quality
  • Advanced data analytics
  • Legal and regulatory analysis