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Changes in Health Care Resource Utilization Following Initiation of Ustekinumab in Members with Inflammatory Bowel Disease in a Medicaid Population

This study aimed to identify the economic burden of inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) by comparing mean annual IBD-related medical costs and events for MassHealth members before and after ustekinumab initiation.

A Pre-Post Evaluation of Health Care Utilization and Costs Among Patients with Asthma Initiating Dupilumab in a Medicaid Population

This research evaluated whether the initiation of dupilumab, a biologic indicated for asthma, reduced asthma-related emergency department visits or hospitalizations, the number of asthma rescue medications used, and the total cost of asthma-related exacerbations among MassHealth members

The Role of Managed Care Pharmacy in Improving Access to Naloxone: Findings from the AMCP Addiction Treatment Advisory Group

How managed care organizations can better address the opioid addiction crisis, including improving access to naloxone and Medication Assisted Therapies (MAT) as well as ensuring benefit design will support alternative pain management methods.