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What to Know About ACOs: An Introduction to MassHealth Accountable Care Organizations

This brief, compiled by experts from our Health Law & Policy team, goes over the basics of MassHealth's introduction of Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs). It includes a brief introduction of what an ACO is, the three distinct types of ACOs, who they serve, the services they provide and how they can improve care and contain costs.

The MassHealth Waiver 2016–2022: Delivering Reform

This issue brief describes the key elements of the most recent MassHealth 1115 waiver extension, including the shift to a delivery system centered on Accountable Care Organizations and Community Partners, a Delivery System Reform Incentive Program, the redesigned Safety Net Care Pool, and the expansion of services for treatment of substance use disorders. It concludes with a discussion of implications of the new system for major stakeholder groups.

Coordinating Care for Patients with Alcohol or Drug Use Disorders: Effective Practices and Common Barriers in Three Centers

This report describes the process of providing integrated care for patients with substance use disorders at three sites in central Massachusetts: Edward M. Kennedy Community Health Center, Family Health Center of Worcester, and Community Healthlink. It identifies common practices that improve care coordination and presents key findings.

Massachusetts Residents Without Health Insurance Coverage: Understanding Those at Risk of Long-Term Uninsurance

Health insurance coverage data from state tax filings for 2011 and 2012 is used to address a gap in research that has focused on health insurance coverage in a given 12-month period and to provide a better understanding of the population in Massachusetts that is prone to remain uninsured over consecutive years.