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Help for the Front Line: Approaches to Behavioral Health Consultation for Primary Care Providers

In light of the need to increase access to behavioral health (BH) services, particularly highlighted during the COVID-19 pandemic, the Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts Foundation commissioned a study from experts at Commonwealth Medicine to assess the need for a BH consultation program designed to help primary care providers (PCPs) support adult patients with mental health conditions and substance use disorders.

What to Know About ACOs: The Latest on MassHealth Accountable Care Organizations

Check out our Health Law & Policy team’s brief updating information on the MassHealth Accountable Care Organization program as it enters its second year. Released by Blue Cross Blue Shield, the primer explores enhancements including the expanded Community Partners Program and the new Flexible Services Program. Learn more on our website about the way nearly 900,000  residents of The Commonwealth are receiving health care services

What to Know About ACOs: An Introduction to MassHealth Accountable Care Organizations

This brief, compiled by experts from our Health Law & Policy team, goes over the basics of MassHealth's introduction of Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs). It includes a brief introduction of what an ACO is, the three distinct types of ACOs, who they serve, the services they provide and how they can improve care and contain costs.

The MassHealth Waiver 2016–2022: Delivering Reform

This issue brief describes the key elements of the most recent MassHealth 1115 waiver extension, including the shift to a delivery system centered on Accountable Care Organizations and Community Partners, a Delivery System Reform Incentive Program, the redesigned Safety Net Care Pool, and the expansion of services for treatment of substance use disorders. It concludes with a discussion of implications of the new system for major stakeholder groups.