Melissa Brindisi, MPH
Melissa Brindisi, MPH
Senior Project Director, Research and Evaluation
Susan Pfefferle
Susan Pfefferle, PhD
Senior Research Scientist, Research and Evaluation
Jeff Auger
Jeff A. Auger
Director, UHealthSolutions
Karen Bacon
Karen Bacon, JD
Project Developer & Manager
Gina Beauchemin, RPh
Manager of Pharmacy Operations, Clinical Pharmacy Services
Bittie Behl-Chadha
Bittie Behl-Chadha, PhD
Executive Director, Office of Survey Research
Joyce Boden
Joyce Boden, RN, BSN, MSM
Deputy Managing Director, Clinical Delivery and Informatics Solutions/Community Services
Rosemarie Bonaventura
Rosemarie Bonaventura, MBA
Deputy Director for Federal Claiming
Andrea Bresnahan
Andrea Bresnahan, DNP, MS, BA
Executive Director, Nursing Council on Workforce Sustainability
Sherry J. Campanelli
Sherry J. Campanelli, MPA
Manager, Program Compliance and Appeals, Disability Evaluation Services
Jessica Carpenter
Jessica Carpenter, MS, RD, LDN
Managing Director, Health Systems Solutions
Cheryl Catoggio
Cheryl Catoggio, BA, BS, RPh
Director of Quality Assurance, Clinical Pharmacy Services
Ashley Chiara
Ashley Chiara, PharmD
Clinical Pharmacy Consultant, Clinical Pharmacy Services
Karen Clements
Karen Clements, ScD
Senior Project Director, Research and Evaluation
Andrew Coelho
Andrew Coelho, PharmD.
Clinical Consultant Pharmacist, Clinical Pharmacy Services
Nick C
Nicholas M. Comeau
Senior Director for Process Improvement & Project Management
Anne Marie Comeau
Anne Marie Comeau, PhD
Deputy Director, New England Newborn Screening Program
Samantha Crane
Samantha Crane, BA
Senior Director, Sales Operations
Timothy Cummins
Timothy Cummins, MBA, BS, RPh
Executive Director, Clinical Pharmacy Services
Jatin Dave
Jatin Dave, MD, MPH
Chief Medical Officer, MassHealth
Director, Office of Clinical Affairs, Commonwealth Medicine
Hillary Deignan
Hilary Deignan, JD, MEd
Associate, Health Law & Policy
Terry Dougherty
Terry Dougherty, MPH
Corporate Strategy Advisor
Lora Dumas
Lora Dumas, MBA
Strategy Director
Meaghan Dupuis
Meaghan F. Dupuis, MA, LMHC
Executive Director, Justice & Health Equity
Roger B. Eaton
Roger B. Eaton, PhD
Executive Director, Newborn Screening
Guy T. Emery
Guy T. Emery, BBA
Principal Director for Federal Claiming
Warren J. Ferguson
Warren J. Ferguson, MD
Director of Academic Programs, Health and Criminal Justice Program
Susan Fish
Senior Survey Operations Manager, Office of Survey Research
Judith Fleisher
Judith Fleisher, MMHS
Director, Grants and Program Development
Willie Frazier III
Willie Frazier III
Research & Evaluation Associate
Catie Torri
Catie Geary, MPH
Associate, Health Law & Policy
Bonnie Greenwood
Bonnie C. Greenwood, PharmD, BCPS
Director, Clinical Programs, Clinical Pharmacy Services
Michael Grenier
Michael Grenier, MPA
Principal, Health Law & Policy
Carol Gyurina
Carol Gyurina, MMHS
Senior Associate, Health Law & Policy
Yara Halasa-Rappel
Yara Halasa-Rappel, PhD, DMD
Senior Project Director, Research and Evaluation
Jenifer Hartman
Jenifer Hartman, BA
Deputy Director for Benefit Coordination
Margaret Harvey
Margaret Harvey, PsyD
Executive Director, Behavioral Health Workforce Development Clearinghouse
Michelle Heatley
Michelle M. Heatley, MSN, BSN, RN NEA-BC
Deputy Managing Director, Operations and Performance Excellence
Matthew Hemberger
Matthew Hemberger
Associate Director of Benefit Enrollment and Coordination
Alexis Henry
Alexis Henry, ScD, OTR/L
Consultant, Research and Evaluation
headshot of Carol Howland
Carol Howland, RN, MSN, NE, BC, CSPHA
Executive Director, Healthcare Operations and Regulatory Consulting
Kerri Ikenberry
Kerri Ikenberry, BSN, RN
Executive Director, Community Services
Donna C. Jones
Donna C. Jones, DMD, MPH
Dental Director, MassHealth/Office of Clinical Affairs
Paula Kackley
Paula Kackley, MBA
Deputy Managing Director, Clinical Delivery and Workforce Development, Health Systems Solutions
Jennifer A. Kasper
Jennifer Kasper, BS, MHA
Senior Director, Administration & Program Integrity
Samantha Kennedy, BS
Business Intelligence Analyst
Parag Kunte, MPH
Parag S. Kunte, MPH
Senior Biostatistician, Research and Evaluation
Pavel Lavitas
Pavel Lavitas, PharmD, BCPS
Clinical Team Lead, Clinical Pharmacy Services
Pei-Pei Lei
Pei-Pei Lei, MA
Senior Biostatistician, Office of Survey Research
Kimberly Lenz
Kimberly Lenz, PharmD, MBA, FAMCP
Senior Pharmacy Director, MassHealth/Office of Clinical Affairs
Kristin Lightbody
Kristin Lightbody, BA
Principal Director, Benefit Coordination
Peter C. Lindblad
Peter C. Lindblad, MD
Medical Director, Disability Services
Katharine London
Katharine London, MS
Principal, Health Law & Policy
Jeannette Lynch
Jeannette M. Lynch
Director, Third Party Liability
Marybeth McCaffrey
Marybeth McCaffrey, JD
Principal, Health Law & Policy
Anthony Mello, MA
Director, Program & Portfolio Management
Headshot photo of Catherine "Katie" Mick, MSW, MBA
Catherine Mick, MSW, MBA
Chief of Staff, Commonwealth Medicine
Barbara A. Montgomery
Barbara A. Montgomery, BSN, RN
Clinical Training Coordinator, Disability Evaluation Services
Kathleen C. Nichols
Kathleen C. Nichols
Client Services Manager, Disability Evaluation Services
Dyana Nickl
Dyana Nickl, JD
Deputy Managing Director, Health Equity & Justice
Tami Ohler
Tami Ohler, PhD
Senior Policy Analyst, Office of Clinical Affairs
Patti Onorato
Patti Onorato, MS, ANP
Deputy Executive Vice Chancellor of Operations
Justin Peristere
Justin Peristere, BS, RPh
Director of Pharmacy Operations, Clinical Pharmacy Services
Frederick (Rick) Perro
Frederick (Rick) Perro, MBA, MS
Senior Director of Data Analytics & Solutions
Kathleen A. Petkauskos
Director, Work Without Limits
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Thomas Pomfret, PharmD, MPH, BCPS
Clinical Consultant Pharmacist Team Lead and Residency Program Director, Clinical Pharmacy Services
Carter Pratt
Carter Pratt, MPH
Project Director II, Research and Evaluation
Mylissa Price
Mylissa Price, MPH, BS, RPh
Director - Clinical Account Management, Clinical Pharmacy Services
Alda Rego
Alda Rego, MPA
Managing Director, Health Care Finance Solutions
Kimberly Reynolds
Kimberly Reynolds
Operations Manager, Disability Evaluation Services
Michelle Richard
Michelle Richard, MEd, CRC, CEAS
Program Manager, Disability Evaluation Services
Program Manager, Disability Transition Strategies
JP Riordan
Jeremiah P. Riordon, EdD
Executive Director, Training & Workforce Development
Linda D. Sagor
Linda D. Sagor, MD, MPH
Medical Director, Massachusetts Department of Children and Families
Mahsa Salsabili, PharmD, PhD
Mahsa Salsabili, PharmD, PhD
Pharmacoeconomics Specialist, Clinical Pharmacy Services
Jorge Sanchez, MEd
Program Director, Diversity and Inclusion
Judy Savageau, MPH
Research Faculty, Research & Evaluation
Michael Schwab, BS
Managing Director, Digital Solutions
Laura Sefton
Laura Sefton, MPP
Project Director I, Research and Evaluation
Jody Simpson
Jody Simpson, RN
Executive Director, Disability Services
Tanya Skypeck
Communications and Program Development Manager
Audrey Smolkin
Audrey Smolkin, MPP
Executive Director, Center on Child Wellbeing & Trauma
Karen Stevens
Karen Stevens, PharmD
Clinical Consultant Pharmacist, Clinical Pharmacy Services
Holly Swan
Holly Swan, PhD
Senior Researcher and Evaluator
McKenzie Taylor
Mckenzie Taylor, PharmD
Managed Care Pharmacy Resident, Clinical Pharmacy Services
Kerri Topi
Kerrie Topi
Associate Director of Customer Service Operations
Jeremy Tourish
Jeremy Tourish, MPH
Policy Analyst, Health Law & Policy
Ying (Elaine) Wang, PhD, MPP
Executive Director, Evaluation & Research