Jeff Auger
Jeff A. Auger
Director, UHealthSolutions
Karen Bacon
Karen Bacon, JD
Project Developer & Manager, Center for Health Care Financing
Martin Baker
Martin Baker, MSc
Senior Director, Strategic Growth and Business Development
Philip E. Barrell
Philip E. Barrell, LPN
Senior Project Manager, Disability Evaluation Services
Bittie Behl-Chadha
Bittie Behl-Chadha, PhD
Director, Office of Survey Research
Philip Bolduc, MD, AAHIVS
Philip Bolduc, MD, AAHIVS
Principal Investigator, New England AIDS Education and Training Center
Rosemarie Bonaventura
Rosemarie Bonaventura, MBA
Deputy Director for Federal Claiming
Dean P. Briggs
Dean P. Briggs, MSW, PhD, PMP
Associate Director, Office of Program Development
Robert S. Bucci
Robert S. Bucci, MS
Senior Associate and Manager, Center for Health Care Financing
Shannon Burns
Shannon Burns, MPA
Associate Director of Program Implementation and Provider Network, Disability and Community Services
Sherry J. Campanelli
Sherry J. Campanelli, MPA
Manager, Program Compliance and Appeals, Disability Evaluation Services
Margaret Carey
Margaret Carey, MPH
Senior Associate, Health Law & Policy
Jessica Carpenter
Jessica Carpenter, MS, RD, LDN
Senior Director, LTSS Programs
Cheryl Catoggio
Cheryl Catoggio, BA, BS, RPh
Director of Quality Assurance, Clinical Pharmacy Services
MIchael Cheung
Michael Cheung, MBA
Associate, Health Law & Policy
Michael Chin
Michael Chin, MD
Health Policy Associate, Research and Evaluation
Karen Clements
Karen Clements, ScD
Senior Project Director, Center for Health Policy and Research
Andrew Coelho
Andrew Coelho, PharmD.
Clinical Consultant Pharmacist
Lisa Colombo
Lisa M. Colombo, DNP, MHA, RN
Executive Vice Chancellor
Anne Marie Comeau
Anne Marie Comeau, PhD
Deputy Director, New England Newborn Screening Program
Linda J. Cragin
Linda J. Cragin, MS
Director, Massachusetts Area Health Education Center (MassAHEC) Network
Timothy Cummins
Timothy Cummins, MBA, BS, RPh
Executive Director, Clinical Pharmacy Services
Michael Curry
Michael Curry, MHA
Senior Director, Business Administration, Health and Criminal Justice Program
Hillary Deignan
Hilary Deignan, JD, MEd
Policy Analyst, Health Law & Policy
Terry Dougherty
Terry Dougherty, MPH
Executive Director, Health Systems Transformation
Deborah Drexler, JD
Deborah Drexler, JD
Senior Director, Contracts and Data Operations, Center for Health Care Financing
Roger B. Eaton
Roger B. Eaton, PhD
Director, New England Newborn Screening Program
Guy T. Emery
Guy T. Emery, BBA
Principal Director for Federal Claiming, Center for Health Care Financing
Andrew Falacci
Andrew Falacci, BA
Project Coordinator, Health Law & Policy
Warren J. Ferguson
Warren J. Ferguson, MD
Director of Academic Programs, Health and Criminal Justice Program
Judith Fleisher
Judith Fleisher, MMHS
Director, Grants and Program Development, Center for Health Care Financing
Maria Garcia
Maria Garcia, MD, MPH
Medical Director, Clinical Pharmacy Services
Rachel Gershon
Rachel Gershon, JD, MPH
Senior Associate, Health Law & Policy
Jocelyn Gordon, JD, MS
Director, National Market Development
Debra Graham
Director, Transitional Benefits
Bonnie Greenwood
Bonnie Greenwood, PharmD, BCPS
Director, Clinical Programs, Clinical Pharmacy Services
Michael Grenier
Michael Grenier, MPA
Principal, Health Law & Policy
Kimberly A. Haddad
Kimberly A. Haddad, JD, MPH
Chief of Staff, Commonwealth Medicine
Jenifer Hartman
Jenifer Hartman, BA
Deputy Director for Benefit Coordination
Alexis Henry
Alexis Henry, ScD, OTR/L
Director, Disability, Health and Employment Policy Unit
Interim Director, Research and Evaluation Unit
Paul L. Jeffrey
Paul L. Jeffrey, PharmD
Director of Pharmacy, MassHealth/Office of Clinical Affairs
Donna C. Jones
Donna C. Jones, DMD, MPH
Dental Director, MassHealth/Office of Clinical Affairs
Frank Joyce
Frank Joyce, RN
Senior Director, Disability Evaluation Services
Jennifer A. Kasper
Jennifer Kasper, BS, MHA
Director, Coverage Enhancements & Appeals Programs
Donna Kymalainen
Donna Kymalainen, BA
Project Coordinator, Health Law & Policy
Pavel Lavitas
Pavel Lavitas, PharmD, BCPS
Clinical Consultant Pharmacist, Clinical Pharmacy Services
Kimberly Lenz
Kimberly Lenz, PharmD
Clinical Pharmacy Manager, MassHealth/Office of Clinical Affairs
Kristin Lightbody
Kristin Lightbody, BA
Principal Director, Benefit Coordination
Peter C. Lindblad
Peter C. Lindblad, MD
Medical Director, Disability Evaluation Services
Katharine London
Katharine London, MS
Principal, Health Law & Policy
Linda Long-Bellil
Linda Long-Bellil, PhD, JD
Research Consultant, Center for Health Policy and Research
Gregory Lonnqvist
Gregory Lonnqvist, BA
Associate Director of Customer Service Operations, UHealthSolutions
Jeannette Lynch
Jeannette M. Lynch
Director, Third Party Liability
Betteanne Macdonald
Betteanne Macdonald
Administrative Coordinator, Health Law & Policy
Matthew Maughan
Matthew Maughan, JD, CIPP-US
Senior Policy Analyst - Health Law, Health Law & Policy
Marybeth McCaffrey
Marybeth McCaffrey, JD
Principal, Health Law & Policy
Lisa McDowell
Lisa McDowell, MHSA
Senior Consultant, Office of Program Development
Barbara A. Montgomery
Barbara A. Montgomery, BSN, RN
Clinical Training Coordinator, Disability Evaluation Services
John Moreschi, JD
Formerly a Senior Policy Analyst with Health Law, Health Law & Policy
Jill D. Morrow-Gorton
Jill D. Morrow-Gorton, MD, MBA
Acting Chief Medical Officer
Director of the Office of Clinical Affairs
Kathleen C. Nichols
Kathleen C. Nichols
Client Services Manager, Disability Evaluation Services
Dyana Nickl
Dyana Nickl, JD
Executive Director, Health and Criminal Justice Program
Assistant Professor, Graduate School of Nursing, UMass Medical School
Patti Onorato
Patti Onorato, RN, MS, APN
Associate Vice Chancellor, Operations
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Vincent Palumbo, MBA, BS, RPh
Program Director, MassHealth Drug Utilization Program
Teresa F. Pastore
Teresa F. Pastore, BS
Senior Associate, School-Based Programs and Local Initiatives
Justin Peristere
Justin Peristere, BS, RPh
Associate Program Director, Operations, Clinical Pharmacy Services
Frederick (Rick) Perro
Frederick (Rick) Perro, MBA, MS
Senior Director, Data Management Services
Kathleen A. Petkauskos
Senior Program Director, Work Without Limits
Mary Ann Pirani
Mary A. Pirani, BA, AA
Senior Associate Director of Specialty Programs
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Thomas Pomfret, PharmD, MPH, BCPS
Clinical Consultant Pharmacist Team Lead and Residency Program Director
Mylissa Price
Mylissa Price, MPH, BS, RPh
Director - Clinical Account Management, Clinical Pharmacy Services
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Matthew Reidy, MPA
Senior Associate, Center for Health Care Financing
Kimberly Reynolds
Kimberly Reynolds
Operations Manager, Disability Evaluation Services
Michelle Richard
Michelle Richard, MEd, CRC, CEAS
Program Manager, Disability Evaluation Services
Program Manager, Disability Transition Strategies
Becky Riley
Elizabeth (Becky) A. Riley
Operations Manager, Disability Evaluation Services
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Anne B. Roy, MS
Director, School-Based Medicaid, Client Operations
Linda D. Sagor
Linda D. Sagor, MD, MPH
Medical Director, Massachusetts Department of Children and Families
Youkavet Samih
Youkavet Samih, PharmD, BCPS
Clinical Consultant Pharmacist
Judy Savageau
Judy Savageau, MPH
Research Consultant, Center for Health Policy and Research
Robert W. Seifert, MPA
Executive Director, Health Law & Policy
Jody Simpson
Jody Simpson, RN
Clinical Director, Disability Evaluation Services
Audrey Smolkin
Audrey Smolkin, MPP
Director, Child and Family Policy
Karen Stevens
Karen Stevens, PharmD.
Clinical Consultant Pharmacist
McKenzie Taylor
Mckenzie Taylor, PharmD
Managed Care Pharmacy Resident, Clinical Pharmacy Services
Marc A. Thibodeau
Marc A. Thibodeau, MSc, JD
Executive Director, Center for Health Care Financing
Kerri Topi
Kerrie Topi
Associate Director of Customer Service Operations
Catie Torri
Catie Torri, MPH
Senior Policy Analyst, Health Law & Policy
Jeremy Tourish
Jeremy Tourish, MPH
Policy Analyst, Health Law & Policy
Dimitrios Tramboulakis
Dimitrios Tramboulakis, MBA
Associate Director Strategic Growth & Business Development
Stephanie Tran
Stephanie Tran, PharmD
Clinical Consultant Pharmacist
Enid Vélez
Enid Vélez, MPH
Senior Health Care Data Analyst, Health Law & Policy
Julie White
Julie White, LICSW
Senior Director of Operations, Health and Criminal Justice Program