Donna Kymalainen, BA
Project Coordinator, Health Law & Policy

Kymalainen is an experienced worker, both in the private and public sectors. Her current role is a project coordinator where she works in several different capacities, which includes managing stakeholder meetings for clients. In this role, Kymalainen schedules a wide variety of conference rooms, hires and compensates translators, establishes optimal room set-up and manages microphones and conference lines. Kymalainen must ensure that each meeting runs without problems, so stakeholders can adequately express their views.   

Kymalainen also works closely with the consumer-led Implementation Council in One Care, a MassHealth program. She manages reimbursements and transportation to meetings for members and makes sure these meetings also run smoothly and efficiently.    

Kymalainen’s previous experiences contribute to her keen organizational skills and her expertise in creating charts that contain voluminous amounts of information. Kymalainen holds a bachelor’s degree in education from Salem State University. 

Donna Kymalainen

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