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Training Physicians About Caring for Persons With Disabilities: "Nothing about us without us!"

Many U.S. physicians are similarly untrained about critical aspects of providing care to persons with disabilities, perhaps contributing to disparities in their care. Recognizing these inadequacies, U.S. medical educators are beginning to develop core competencies for trainees relating to the care of patients with disabilities

Pregnancy among women with physical disabilities: Unmet needs and recommendations on navigating pregnancy

Twenty-five women with physical disabilities across the U.S. who had had a baby in the past 10 years were interviewed for this study. The results shed light on the unmet needs and barriers to the care of women with mobility disabilities during pregnancy and childbirth. The study findings highlight the need for policy and practice recommendations for perinatal care of women with mobility disabilities.

Intellectual disability is associated with increased risk for obesity in a nationally representative sample of U.S. children

This paper finds that obesity prevalence for children with intellectual disabilities (ID) was 28.9% and 15.5% for children without ID. After adjusting for age, sex, race/ethnicity and poverty level, the odds ratio was significantly 1.89 times greater among children with ID than among those without ID.