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How Boston Can Help America’s College Grads with Disabilities Find Jobs

A new project that strives to connect college students with disabilities to employers will be piloted in Boston in an effort to increase the employment opportunities for these students. National Organization on Disability President Carol Glazer and Work Without Limits Director Kathleen A. Petkauskos wrote about the project for The Huffington Post.

The Case for the Patient-Centered Medical Home in Correctional Healthcare

The patient-centered medical home model of care should be applied to incarcerated populations, who have complex medical, behavioral, and substance abuse issues that demand integrated care. A blog on The Huffington Post about the positive impact PCMH can have on correctional health care from Julie White of the Health and Criminal Justice Program.

President Obama’s Legacy of Criminal Justice Reform: Reducing Disparity and Increasing Opportunity

As President Donald J. Trump begins his term and his administration takes shape, it is important for us to reflect on all of the criminal justice reforms of the past eight years under President Barack Obama. A blog on The Huffington Post outlining those reforms from Julie White of the Health and Criminal Justice Program.