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Autism Speaks: UMass Medical School study finds high rates of pregnancy complications among those with developmental and intellectual disabilities

The first nationwide study of pregnant women with developmental and intellectual disabilities from UMass Medical School and Brandeis University has found high rates of complications including fetal death, preeclampsia and preterm birth, according to a Sept. 11 article published by Autism Speaks Science News. The study found that women with these disabilities fare worse than the general population and could benefit from additional education and intervention.

Autism Speaks Science News: UMass Medical School finds mealtime behavior problems in children with autism stressful for families

UMass Medical School researchers recommend physicians and clinicians look into the mealtimes of children with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) after their study found that this population of children has high food selectivity and more mealtime behavior problems, and their parents experience higher levels of stress during mealtimes. The study was featured in an Autism Speaks Science News article July 7.