Boston Globe: Municipalities get reimbursed for flu clinics through UMass Medical School Vaccine Reimbursement Program

November 13, 2013

The Center for Health Care Financing, a unit within UMass Medical School’s Commonwealth Medicine division, was featured in a Sunday Boston Globe story about cities and towns seeing fewer residents at their local flu clinics. The Center runs the Vaccine Reimbursement Program for several Massachusetts municipalities.

Commonwealth Medicine has been able to assist municipalities with getting reimbursed for flu clinic efforts since 2009, when the H1N1 flu pandemic hit. Before that, health plans generally covered only the cost of administering the shots in a primary-care setting, and health departments had to absorb their costs.

The Globe story reported that cities and towns have seen a steady decline in the number of individuals who are participating in public flu clinics, in large part due to increasing completion from retail clinics and other medical providers.

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