Clinical Pharmacy Services Managed Care Residency Program accreditation extended five years

November 03, 2014

UMass Medical School’s Clinical Pharmacy Services’ (CPS) Managed Care Residency Program has been accredited for another five years by the American Society of Health-System Pharmacists and the Academy of Managed Care Pharmacy.

The ASHP’s Commission on Credentialing extended the accreditation of the residency program, which was first accredited in 2007, through 2019. The extension means the program meets or exceeds the standards set for a residency training program.

“Earning this extended accreditation by ASHP/AMCP means that CPS continues to meet and in many instances exceed the established quality standards for a residency training program,” said Tom Pomfret, PharmD, MPH, BCPS, residency program director and clinical consultant pharmacist. “This recognition provides a local, regional, and national spotlight on the Managed Care Residency Program at CPS, helping to draw new doctor of pharmacy graduates to the training program at UMass Medical School. The accreditation acknowledgment assists in attracting talented individuals who will become the pharmacy leaders of the future.”

Associate Director of Clinical Services Mylissa Price, MPH, RPh, BCPS, said the accreditation is proof of UMass Medical School’s commitment to continued education. “From its inception, UMass Medical School’s CPS Managed Care Residency Program has strived to provide a high-quality and rewarding experience for the residents in the program as well as staff and preceptors,” Price said. “Our recent five-year accreditation demonstrates the dedication of the staff at CPS to our training program and the growth of the profession of pharmacy.”

Clinical consultant pharmacists at UMass Medical School said the residency program’s accreditation was one of the reasons they chose to apply. “The accreditation of the residency program at CPS was an important factor in my decision to complete this particular residency training program because it ensures high quality and variety of educational experiences,” said Pavel Lavitas, PharmD, BCPS, clinical consultant pharmacist and PGY1 managed care resident from 2010 to 2011. “The residency program provided me an opportunity to hone my written and verbal communication skills while learning from the extensive pharmacy experience of CPS employees.”

Nicole Trask, PharmD, and Mito Takeshita, PharmD, both clinical consultant pharmacists at UMass and former PGY1 managed care residents, said the accreditation is good for the professional development of the residents and staff. Residents gain mentoring skills, advanced knowledge of up-to-date clinical practices and current issues affecting pharmacy practice.

“The residents help the department stay up-to-date with the most current pharmacy knowledge by providing numerous live continuing education sessions, leading research project teams and helping with various clinical initiatives,” Dr. Takeshita said.

The UMass Medical School residency program is the only managed care residency program accredited by ASHP in the New England area, said Neha Kashalikar, PharmD, a clinical consultant pharmacist and a recent PGY1 managed care resident. “Throughout my residency year I felt that the structure of the program, the preceptors’ dedication to teaching and the opportunities available to me as a resident, allowed for tremendous professional growth,” Dr. Kashalikar said.

Dr. Pomfret called the accreditation extension a testament to the work being done in Clinical Pharmacy Services. “This accreditation outcome is a true testament to the high-level mentoring and dedicated work that the preceptors, staff, and residents at CPS put forth every day,” Pomfret said.