Armada Health Care collaborates with UMass Medical School for ArmadaOne Specialty Pharmacy Platform

August 04, 2015

Armada Health Care (Armada) has partnered with UMass Medical School’s Clinical Pharmacy Services business unit to provide enhancements and support regarding clinical protocols and therapy interventions within the ArmadaOne Specialty Pharmacy Workflow Platform.

Specialty medication therapy management is an essential component of ArmadaOne and helps to ensure optimal patient outcomes are achieved through timely clinical interventions. ArmadaOne works in conjunction with current dispensing systems and provides a comprehensive patient management and workflow solution for specialty pharmacies. By utilizing ArmadaOne, important patient touch points, compliance monitoring and clinical interventions are systematically documented and reported.  

“We look forward to working with the UMass team to enhance ArmadaOne’s clinical interventions and patient outreach modules. Their expertise and connectivity to infectious disease specialists, physicians, drug utilization review boards, practitioners and other stakeholders adds incredible value to the platform’s functionality and clinical foundation,” stated Armada’s Chief Executive Officer, Lawrence Irene, RPh.

The UMass Medical School Clinical Pharmacy Services team includes more than 60 clinical pharmacists, as well as pharmacy associates and operational support staff with backgrounds in academia, direct patient care and managed care programs.

“UMass Medical School looks forward to using its clinical pharmacy expertise and experience to assist Armada in enhancing its platform,” said UMass’ Clinical Pharmacy Services Executive Director Timothy Cummins, MBA, BS, RPh. “Our dedicated pharmacy team knows how to connect with patients, and help them understand and follow through with their medication regimens.”

ArmadaOne is an integrated web-based software platform that optimizes specialty pharmacy operations, prescription workflow, and overall patient management. Armada has developed this new platform to seamlessly integrate with pharmacy dispensing systems and workflows used by specialty pharmacies across the country.

ArmadaOne features include onboarding specialty patients, streamlined management for prior authorizations, connectivity with co-pay and patient assistance programs, and ongoing clinical consultation and compliance monitoring. Other benefits include real-time data reporting for Pharma/biotech manufacturers, health plans, prescribers, and other industry partners.

ArmadaOne’s robust business intelligence also provides prescription status information, operational insights, and other essential pharmacy management and productivity reports.

Armada Health Care, LLC (Armada) is the industry's largest specialty pharmacy group contracting and service organization. Armada provides comprehensive and cost-effective access to the nation's $100+ billion specialty pharmacy industry. Armada offers pharmacy providers, manufacturers, health plans and wholesale distributors a total channel management solution through customized patient programs, prescription data management services, online platforms, and unique cost-effective purchasing agreements on specialty pharmacy products. Armada is also the founder and host of the nation's largest annual specialty pharmacy summit. For more information, visit Armada at

A national leader in clinical pharmacy support, UMass Medical School’s Clinical Pharmacy Services division has become a sought-after partner for organizations seeking results-oriented solutions to containing pharmacy costs and improving patient outcomes. Their relationship with UMass Medical School enhances their capabilities by providing access to clinical resources, and the latest and most relevant research, data and trends. 

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