UMass Medical School expert presents tutorial on benefits of university-state partnerships for Medicaid administration

November 04, 2015

A UMass Medical School expert demonstrates the benefits of partnerships between universities and state agencies for the support and guidance of health care programs, particularly Medicaid, in a tutorial filmed at Ohio State University.

The tutorial, “How are University-State Partnerships Structured?” gives an overview of university-state partnerships, examples of contractual agreements and case studies to help states and universities develop successful partnerships. It was presented by Marc A. Thibodeau, JD, MSc, executive director of the Center for Health Care Financing within UMass Medical School’s Commonwealth Medicine division, and Jerry Friedman, JD, program coordinator at The Ohio State University College of Medicine, Office of Health Sciences.

The tutorial describes how public medical schools’ founding missions lead them to serve the same populations that receive services through public agency programs, and that best practice health care delivery can help those agencies improve the quality of their programs.

This tutorial is one of many resources available through Public University Medicaid Partnerships, a joint endeavor of Commonwealth Medicine and the Ohio Colleges of Medicine Government Resource Center (GRC). Commonwealth Medicine and the GRC have collaborated to promote the benefits of partnerships between public university systems and state agencies responsible for administering state health care programs.