UMass Medical School collaborates with InterVRx to review specialty drug clinical protocols for its patient monitoring platform

November 30, 2016

UMass Medical School’s Clinical Pharmacy Services has partnered with InterVRx to review the accuracy, completeness and usability of specialty drug clinical protocols used within its patient monitoring platform.

Clinical Pharmacy Services will support the InterVRx Professional Policy Review Committee overseeing specialty drug clinical protocols. Review of protocols will include obtaining input from physician advisors and specialists.

To manage the complex care of patients on specialty drugs, InterVRx has developed the first ever automated specialty drug clinical protocols as part of its patient monitoring and management solution. Patient data is collected in real-time from FDA-approved devices and lab results; then measured against clinical protocols to determine effectiveness, patient safety, adherence and clinical outcomes associated with a specialty drug.

The technology also includes a mobile application that engages patients and provides them with medication reminders and testing alerts, as well as the ability to enter data on side effects and other clinical information. Health professionals can then monitor and intervene on a real-time basis to assist patients and their providers in optimizing therapeutic care plans.

“InterVRx is honored to be partnering with UMass Medical School Clinical Pharmacy Services,” said InterVRx CEO Mark Steck, Pharm D, MBA. “By providing scientific research guidance and reviews by academic specialists across a spectrum of specialty drugs and conditions, UMass will help to solidify the credibility of the evidence-based specialty drug clinical protocols developed by InterVRx.”

The Clinical Pharmacy Services team includes more than 60 clinical pharmacists, as well as physician advisors, pharmacy technicians, data analysts and operational support staff with backgrounds in academia, direct patient care and managed care programs.

“UMass Medical School is eager to begin working with InterVRx to support development of its specialty drug clinical protocols,” said UMass Medical School’s Clinical Pharmacy Services Executive Director Timothy Cummins, MBA, BS, RPh. “The depth and breadth of our clinical experience, as well as our academic ties, are sure to enhance the InterVRx patient monitoring platform.”

A national leader in clinical pharmacy support, the Clinical Pharmacy Services division has become a sought-after partner for organizations seeking results-oriented solutions to containing pharmacy costs and improving patient outcomes. The division’s relationship with UMass Medical School enhances its capabilities by providing access to clinical resources, and the latest and most relevant research, data and trends.

InterVRx is a technology and care management start-up focused on monitoring and improving the complex care for patients utilizing specialty drug therapies. The company is supported by a leadership team each with over 25 years’ experience in the healthcare industry. InterVRx has created the most comprehensive patient-centered specialty drug database available. Recently InterVRx was invited to present at the Health Innovations Forum by the National Business Group on Health.

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