Specialty Pharmacy Continuum: UMass Medical School, InterVRx pilot to monitor patients on specialty drugs in real-time

December 13, 2016

A first of its kind pilot that will in January begin monitoring patients on specialty drugs in real-time is a partnership between UMass Medical School and tech startup InterVRX, according to an article in Specialty Pharmacy Continuum.

“By supporting the accuracy and completeness of our clinical protocols, UMass Medical School will help us improve the evidence-based clinical management services we deliver, and strengthen our ability to enable more reliable, informed decisions between doctors and their patients regarding complex specialty care,” said InterVRx CEO Mark Steck, PharmD, MBA.

Clinical Pharmacy Services is reviewing the accuracy, completeness and usability of the clinical protocols used as part of the pilot. Patient data from wearable devices that measure weight, blood pressure and the amount of oxygen in the blood will upload to an InterVRx mobile phone app and be measured against the clinical protocols.

“The protocols we are working on involve multiple disease states; InterVRx wanted to make sure they were covering as many as possible. Our access to a wide range of specialists and clinical expertise from years of drug utilization review and specialty drug management will ensure that these protocols are as accurate and comprehensive as possible,” said Timothy Cummins, MBA, BS, RPh, director of UMass Medical School’s Clinical Pharmacy Services.

Results of the pilot are expected in the spring of 2017.

A national leader in clinical pharmacy support, the Clinical Pharmacy Services division has become a sought-after partner for organizations seeking results-oriented solutions to containing pharmacy costs and improving patient outcomes. The division’s relationship with UMass Medical School enhances its capabilities by providing access to clinical resources, and the latest and most relevant research, data and trends.

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