Missouri retirement system partners with UMass Medical School to enhance disability determination process

July 11, 2017

Missouri’s largest retirement system for local government workers has partnered with UMass Medical School’s Disability Evaluation Services to provide enhancements and support for its disability certification and re-certification process.

Determining disability eligibility is a critical component of the Missouri Local Government Employees Retirement System (LAGERS), a $6.9 billion system that covers close to 60,000 current and former local government employees within the state of Missouri. 

“We were seeking to improve our process and access to expertise in our disability claim analysis and review.  We were impressed with UMass’ depth of resources, degree of effort and desire to assist us with process improvement,” said LAGERS Executive Secretary Robert Wilson. “We’ve found them very responsive and dedicated to helping us improve.”

Disability Evaluation Services will work with LAGERS to assure a quality disability certification process at a time of significant growth—the Missouri system is adding around 15 employers every year. 

“UMass Medical School is excited about this new partnership with Missouri LAGERS,” said UMass Medical School Disability Evaluation Services Director Frank Joyce. “Together, we will deliver quality service to LAGERS beneficiaries and strive to make the disability certification process as straightforward as possible for all participants.”

Disability Evaluation Services will conduct quality-tested medical and vocational reviews to determine disability and functional ability to resume work after medical intervention. A team of more than 50 licensed clinical employees, including registered nurses and certified vocational staff, will work alongside highly qualified physicians and psychologists to provide comprehensive disability evaluation.

Using highly adaptable, web-based electronic medical records development and file management systems, Disability Evaluation Services will assume elements of the case development process. Customer-centric staff collaborates with and supports applicants to complete disability claims.

A leader in disability determination, Disability Evaluation Services handles more than 40,000 evaluations each year. In addition to Missouri, Disability Evaluation Services currently provides services to Massachusetts, New Hampshire and Ohio.

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