TrendFinder LTSS data analytics platform to be featured at Mediware

August 04, 2017

UMass Medical School will highlight the capabilities of its TrendFinder LTSS data analytics platform at the Mediware conference August 7-9 in New Orleans. The conference mobile app is sponsored by TrendFinder LTSS.

Meet with representatives from UMass Medical School in the exhibit hall to learn about TrendFinder LTSS, which culls and aggregates diverse data from multiple systems and agencies, empowering health and human services, as well as private organization decision makers, to accurately anticipate future demand and keep a close watch on costs, while also safeguarding quality and program integrity.

TrendFinder LTSS is powered by UMass Medical School clinical and program experts with extensive experience developing, managing and evaluating LTSS services. They work alongside professional data scientists and researchers to pinpoint critical information and synthesize it into accessible reports for clients.

How to create an integrated analytics ecosystem and the capabilities of TrendFinder LTSS will be highlighted in a keynote at 8 a.m. Monday, August 7 by Martin Baker, MSc, senior director of Strategic Growth and Business Development at UMass Medical School.

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