UMass Medical School experts to present on savings through third party liability at the Medicaid Enterprise Systems Conference

August 14, 2017

UMass Medical School experts will highlight our expertise in third party liability savings for Medicaid programs and standardizing the procurement process when they attend and present at the annual Medicaid Enterprise Systems Conference August 15-18 in Baltimore, Maryland.   

Representatives from UMass Medical School will be at Booth 63 to discuss how our third party liability programs have saved state Medicaid programs millions of dollars each year.

Our presentations from Medicaid experts will include discussions on enhancing the proposal process and how we implemented a third party liability program for the Massachusetts Medicaid program, MassHealth.

Wednesday, August 16

Procurement in a Changing World, 8 a.m., presentation

Challenges surrounding the request for proposal process are at the heart of this interactive presentation which will teach participants strategies for developing and standardizing their own RFP procedures from planning to procurement.  

Gail Winslow, Strategic Growth and Business Development, UMass Medical School

Steven J. Esposito, SLI Global Solutions LLC

Kristin Henry, BerryDunn

Mark Joyce, SLI Global Solutions LLC

Innovative Strategies for Increasing TPL Savings through Enhanced Medicare Identification, Enrollment, and Buy-In Processes and Systems, 2:15 p.m., presentation

Medicare is the largest source of third party liability for state programs, and as such designing new strategies for maximizing the coordination of benefits and creating opportunities for TPL savings is an important undertaking for most states. This presentation will show how several successful TPL strategies already being implemented in Massachusetts, Ohio and Michigan have increased Medicare Buy-In coverage.

Jenifer Hartman, Center for Health Care Financing, UMass Medical School

Michelle Smith, Michigan

Pat Tighe, Ohio

Thursday, August 17

Integrating Third Party Liability with Medicaid Operations and Enterprise Systems in Massachusetts, 5:30-8 p.m., poster

At the heart of third party liability is the challenge of ensuring Medicaid is the last resort for patients in need of financial assistance. By pursuing payment from other entities for services to Medicaid recipients, states can recover significant costs and save millions of dollars - which is exactly what Massachusetts has done since 2008 using the methods explained in this presentation. This session illustrates the effects four Massachusetts initiatives have had on Medicare cost savings.

Jenifer Hartman, Center for Health Care Financing, UMass Medical School

Mary Fontaine, Center for Health Care Financing, UMass Medical School

Friday, August 18

Multi-State Procurement: Success Stories from New England and the State of Montana, 9:45 a.m., panel discussion

Representatives from teams in New England and Montana that worked to build two multi-state procurement models will share success stories and strategies as part of a panel moderated by Bonnie Greenwood, PharmD, BCPS, clinical programs director for UMass Medical School's Clinical Pharmacy Services.

One success story to be featured is the mandatory cost of dispensing survey conducted by the New England States Consortium System Organization, which is managed by UMass Medical School. The regional survey and report were both completed within 10 months, and provides comparative data on the New England region.

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