Subject matter experts power UMass Medical School TrendFinder LTSS data analytics platform

August 29, 2017

State agencies and private health plans across the country are scrambling to meet growing demand for home care and other long-term services and supports amid lean budgets.

UMass Medical School’s TrendFinder LTSS data analytics platform can help solve that problem. The platform culls and aggregates data from an array of systems, empowering decision makers to zoom in on future demand for long-term services and supports, track costs and safeguard program quality and integrity.

While technology is key, the main driver behind TrendFinder is its team of subject matter experts drawn from UMass Medical School, says Martin Baker, MSc, senior director of strategic growth and business development. The team has extensive experience developing, evaluating and managing long-term services and supports.

“Our TrendFinder approach emphasizes subject matter expertise over expensive technology builds,” Baker explains.

Combined with UMass Medical School’s deep bench of subject matter experts, TrendFinder LTSS can be a powerful tool for capacity planning, with the ability to analyze demand for services based on demographic changes and geography.

“It is really our team of programmatic subject matter experts, working alongside data scientists and researchers, that make a difference,” Baker says.

TrendFinder can also track expenditures and utilization, enabling users to search by programs, time periods and subgroups. Decision makers can hone in on specific metrics, such as the monthly cost per member, as well as identify emerging trends, Baker notes.

TrendFinder also has strong quality assurance and program integrity functions.

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