Commonwealth Medicine third party liability experts to present at 2019 Medicaid Enterprise Solutions Conference

August 14, 2019

Experts from Commonwealth Medicine, UMass Medical School, will deliver presentations at the 2019 Medical Enterprise Systems Conference (MESC) on how an integrated third party liability (TPL) strategy can deliver significant cost avoidance and cost recovery for Medicaid organizations, where dollars saved can be used to develop, deliver and sustain a broader range of member services and programs.

The annual MESC brings together thought leaders from the public and private sectors to share ideas and information related to Medicaid systems and initiatives. This year’s event will take place

Monday, August 19 – Thursday, August 22 in Chicago, Illinois.


“Subrogation Rhapsody:  How to harmonize your subrogation efforts for maximum results.” (Tuesday 8/20, 2:15 p.m., Room W180)

Jen Hartman, Commonwealth Medicine’s deputy director for Benefit Coordination, will moderate a panel of experts from around the country:

  • Matt Smith, Vice President, Subrogation Operations, HMS
  • David Smith, Manager, Third Party Liability and Recoveries, State of Colorado
  • John Cofield, Manager, Subrogation Recoveries, State of Florida

“Medicare Buy-In Initiatives and Systems in Various States(Tuesday 8/20, 5:15 p.m., Room W180)

Jen Hartman will participate in a session with Ohio and Michigan to share success stories. She will present best practices developed by Commonwealth Medicine’s TPL team that helped the Massachusetts Medicaid program, MassHealth, enhance TPL and Medicare Buy-In program operations, ensure the accuracy of Medicaid expenditures for Medicare premium payments, and identify and recover state overpayments when discrepancies are found. In FY19, these initiatives achieved $80 million in TPL savings.

“A Proactive Approach to TPL: Strategies to Identify and Convert Potential Access to Other Insurance to Active TPL Coverage for Medicaid Members” (Wednesday 8/21, 1:45 p.m., Room W180)

Members of the Massachusetts TPL team will share three initiatives developed and implemented with employers, SSA, and hospitals to identify potential access to, and increase enrollment in other forms of insurance, including employer-sponsored insurance and Medicare. Together, in FY19, these initiatives achieved $80 million in TPL savings.

  • David Greco, MassHealth, Massachusetts Executive Office of Health and Human Services
  • Jen Hartman, Commonwealth Medicine
  • Jeannette Lynch, Commonwealth Medicine

Poster presentation:

“A Proactive Approach to TPL:  How Massachusetts Integrates Third Party Liability (TPL) with Medicaid Operations and Enterprise Systems to Maximize Benefits and Savings” (Tuesday 8/20, 6:15 – 8 p.m., Exhibit Hall)

This poster, presented by Jen Hartman of Commonwealth Medicine, highlights Massachusetts’ proactive approach to TPL, including specific integrated strategies and initiatives that have delivered meaningful benefits for all stakeholders—recipients, providers, and the state. Results include:

  • Improving TPL data available within Medicaid systems
  • Maximizing coordination of benefits for Medicaid recipients
  • Increasing savings and recoveries for the State