Commonwealth Medicine is working with CHDI to guide the transformation of pediatric primary care

September 05, 2019

A team of heath policy experts from Commonwealth Medicine, UMass Medical School have designed a set of three webinars to share experiences from other states in addressing pediatric primary care payment reform. The slides and/or recorded webinars can be viewed on the Child Health and Development Institute of Connecticut (CHDI) website.

Robert Seifert, executive director for Health Law & Policy, and Hilary Deignan, senior policy analyst, Health Law & Policy, led the development of the pediatric payment reform webinar series sponsored by CHDI and made possible by funding from the Connecticut Health Foundation (CHF) and Children’s Fund of Connecticut.

The webinars were inspired by a set of recommendations from a multi-stakeholder study group convened by CHDI and CHF. Seifert and Deignan co-authored that report, Transforming Pediatrics to Support Population Health: Recommendations for Practice Changes and How to Pay for Them.

Visit the CHDI Payment reform webinar Series webpage for more information on the webinars:

  • CHDI Transforming Pediatric Primary Care – Webinar 1: Outcome Measures (view slides)
  • CHDI Transforming Pediatric Primary Care – Webinar 2: Cross Sector Collaborations (play webinar recording or view slides)
  • CHDI Transforming Pediatric Primary Care – Webinar 3: Primary Care Payment Reform (play webinar recording or view slides)

Reforming pediatric primary care through payment reform aims to ensure comprehensive care for children – including greater attention to behavioral health and socio-emotional development. Read Seifert’s blog to learn more about the long-terms benefits of this type of reform.

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