Commonwealth Medicine’s top stories of 2019

January 29, 2020

As a leading provider of policy, data, and program solutions for health and human service agencies, industry leaders turn to Commonwealth Medicine for the expertise and insight of our knowledgeable team.

Here are the top-10 most visited posts on the CWM website for 2019:

  1. Deciphering state Medicaid programs

Medicaid is complicated. Learn about the key documents that can help members, researchers, policymakers, and advocates interpret the flexibility and variations in state Medicaid programs.

  1. The expanding role of pharmacists: A positive shift for health care

Why are more and more practitioners/prescribers coming to appreciate the role pharmacists play in delivering improved health outcomes while controlling costs?

  1. Will ending certain drug rebates lower list prices and patient out-of-pocket costs?

How is it possible that lower-priced generics and biosimilar drugs may still result in higher out-of-pocket costs for consumers? Find out how drug rebate programs can help pharmacy benefit managers and other payers better manage their pharmacy costs.

  1. MassHealth 101

This blog digs into everything you need to know about MassHealth, the Medicaid and Children’s Health Insurance Program in Massachusetts.

  1. Lowering out-of-pocket drug costs for consumers

Is the consumer entitled to know when not using insurance will be less expensive? This post explains the complicated issue of pharmacy gag clauses.

  1. Process Improvement and Operation Design Strategy

Learn the three key steps that successful health plans and community-based organizations follow to help close the gap between the written process and the realities of everyday practice.

  1. Best Practice for Member Outreach and Engagement: How Effective ACOs Build Understanding and Respect 

Delve into the member outreach, and engagement strategies that help Accountable Care Organizations and Community Partners achieve their shared goals for delivering patient-centered care.

  1. Preserving critical public health services: Creating reimbursement strategies with private and public health plans

Public health programs look for every edge to serve their communities’ most vulnerable populations. This case study highlights which types of billing and reimbursement solutions can help.

  1. Commonwealth Medicine collaborates on Massachusetts initiative providing community-based supports for individuals with justice involvement

Every day is a struggle for individuals with behavioral health conditions who are currently on parole or probation or reentering the community. Find out how Commonwealth Medicine helps these vulnerable individuals access to the services they need most.

  1. ECOB Enhanced Coordination of Benefits Massachusetts Overview and Community Outreach Initiative

Learn how Commonwealth Medicine helped the Massachusetts Medicaid program save tens of millions of dollars.