Commonwealth Medicine's top stories of 2020

December 21, 2020

In a year of unprecedented tumult in the health care ecosystem, our experts have continued to provide insightful consultancy and innovative solutions to help our clients overcome their clinical, policy, finance, and operational challenges and continue serving their most vulnerable populations.

Here are the top-10 most visited posts on the CWM website for 2020:


1. Remote Precepting: Expanding Opportunities for PharmD Experiential Learning

During the pandemic, managed care clinical pharmacists at Commonwealth Medicine – Clinical Pharmacy Services stepped up to serve as remote preceptors, providing PharmD students with a virtual, population health-based, managed care experience.

2. Working remotely--effectively

Working remotely or teleworking may now be the norm for many of us. Here are some ideas and resources on making the adjustments to successfully – and effectively – work remotely.

3. The role and value of professional medical interpreters in the post-COVID-19 world

The COVID-19 pandemic has only heightened the need for qualified, professional medical interpreters, whose training, knowledge, and cultural sensitivity help reduce patient anxiety and builds trust between the patient and their care team.

4. Federal Bureau of Prisons Renews Multi-Year Contract with Commonwealth Medicine, UMass Medical School

With its expanded contract at the Federal Corrections Complex in Butner, North Carolina, Commonwealth Medicine continues building its leadership position in correctional health care services. 

5. Special Report: Unprecedented Times Inspire a Unified Effort in Pharma's Urgent Search for Effective COVID-19 Therapies

Commonwealth Medicine's expert Clinical Pharmacy Services team applies the latest academic research and clinical advancements in real-time to help pharmacy benefit programs keep pace with rapidly evolving drug therapies.

6. A Pharmacist-Led Consult Service and Prior Authorization Recertification Program for patients with Medicaid

Our Clinical Pharmacy Services team implemented a prior authorization recertification program for the MassHealth (Massachusetts Medicaid) Special Populations Program that enhances the quality of care for patients with complex chronic health conditions and minimizes potential gaps in the continuity of care.

7. How Applied Informatics Improves Care and Strengthens Health Care Organizations

Applied health informatics is a multi-disciplinary approach to organizational improvement that involves every aspect of operations and leverages the collaboration and expertise of every department.

8. Evaluating the Effect of Proactive Interventions for Prior Authorization Recertifications on Continuity of Care in a Specialized Medicaid Population

This study assessed the effectiveness of a three-part, proactive intervention in prompting new prior authorization submissions for a medically complex subset of a state Medicaid population. 

9. Implementing case management for individuals involved with the justice system

For individuals coming out of correctional facilities, case management techniques are proven effective at reducing recidivism rates, decreasing relapse in substance use, mitigating costs of treatment, and enhancing social reintegration and public safety.

10.  Budget Impact Forecasts for Novel Drugs informs Utilization Management Strategies

Commonwealth Medicine clinical pharmacists provide expert curation of pipeline intelligence, clinical trial analysis, and claims-based data analytics to predict new drug treatments' impact on specific populations.