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Eunice Kennedy Shriver Center seeks children with intellectual and developmental disabilities and their parents for mealtime study.
February 03, 2016

Researchers at UMass Medical School’s Eunice Kennedy Shriver Center are seeking children with intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD) ages 3 to 8 and their parents in order to better understand how children with IDD and their families experience mealtimes compared to typically developing children of the same ages. 

Katharine London, MS, talks to MedPage Today about a single-payer health care system.
February 01, 2016

A single-payer health care system has both pluses and minuses for the doctors who would have to operate under the model, UMass Medical School health policy expert Katharine London, MS, told MedPage Today. London led the team that developed the Vermont single-payer financing model.

UMass Medical School health reform expert to discuss financing public university-state partnerships in webinar
January 28, 2016

A UMass Medical School health reform expert will discuss practical issues concerning the funding of public University-State Partnerships in a webinar hosted by Public University Medicaid Partnerships Feb. 2.

Appelbaum urges American Psychiatric Association to oppose solitary confinement
January 27, 2016

Kenneth L. Appelbaum, MD, a correctional mental health expert at UMass Medical School, calls for the American Psychiatric Association and other mental health organizations to oppose solitary confinement in U.S. prisons in an editorial he wrote for the Journal of the American Academy of Psychiatry and the Law.

Charlene Salvi with her daughter Juliana.
January 25, 2016

To Juliana Salvi’s parents, it’s fitting that her first birthday follows a snowstorm. The little girl was born during the January 2015 blizzard. Staff from UMass Medical School's New England Newborn Screening Program, who did not let the historic snowfall delay testing, have been credited with saving her life.

Ferguson to speak at AcademyHealth conference Feb. 1
January 21, 2016

Warren J. Ferguson, MD, a UMass Medical School correctional health expert, will discuss the integration of the criminal justice and health care systems to provide quality, cost-effective mental health care to justice-involved populations at AcademyHealth’s National Health Policy Conference Feb. 1 and 2 in Washington, D.C.

Kenneth L. Appelbaum, MD, to receive award for his work on the Oxford Textbook of Correctional Psychiatry
January 19, 2016

The American Psychiatric Association will present the prestigious Manfred S. Guttmacher Award to UMass Medical School’s Kenneth L. Appelbaum, MD, and his co-editors for their work on the Oxford Textbook of Correctional Psychiatry, the first comprehensive correctional psychiatric textbook.

Shriver Center researchers preparing recommendations on integrated autism database
January 14, 2016

Researchers at UMass Medical School’s Eunice Kennedy Shriver Center will present state officials this spring with recommendations and priorities for developing an integrated autism database in Massachusetts, based on discussions from a Citizens Jury they led.

Study shows pregnant women with disabilities in Rhode Island receive less care.
January 06, 2016

A UMass Medical School study shows that pregnant women with disabilities in Rhode Island receive less medical care, and are more likely to experience adverse outcomes, according to an article in the Providence Journal.

December 30, 2015

A study of the best treatments for substance use disorder and hepatitis C for justice-involved populations will be led by UMass Medical School, according to an article posted on the MD Magazine website, 

Managed care pharmacy residents engage directly with patients through Medication Therapy Management
December 21, 2015

Medication Therapy Management (MTM) is helping UMass Medical School’s Clinical Pharmacy Services’ managed care pharmacy residents learn how to make medication information more understandable for patients, and to hone their motivational interviewing and listening skills.

Pregnant Woman
December 17, 2015

A study of pregnant women with disabilities in Rhode Island led by UMass Medical School has found that these women are more likely to report medical complications during pregnancy, have preterm births and low birth weight babies. The researchers conclude that clinicians need to be aware of the increased risks of pregnancy complications and poor infant outcomes.

December 14, 2015

UMass Medical School will partner with academic medical centers to create a correctional health practice collaborative focused on implementing evidence-based treatments for substance use disorders and Hepatitis C in state prison systems.

December 09, 2015

Waivers available under the Affordable Care Act (ACA) and Medicaid can be used to improve health insurance affordability and access in Connecticut, according to briefs authored by health policy experts at UMass Medical School and released jointly by the Connecticut Health Foundation (CT Health) and Universal Health Care Foundation of Connecticut.

December 08, 2015

A UMass Medical School program that supports the brothers and sisters of those who receive in-patient psychiatric care has had a profoundly positive effect on the Cummings family of New Hampshire, according to WBZ-TV.