Pregnancy Characteristics and Outcomes among Women at Risk for Disability from Health Conditions Identified in Medical Claims

Thursday, September 1, 2016
Cover of Women's Health Issues
Karen Clements, ScD
Commonwealth Medicine
Monika Mitra, PhD
Brandeis University
Jianying Zhang, MPH, MSC, MD
University of Massachusetts Medical School
Lisa I Iezzoni, MD, MSc
Massachusetts General Hospital

Women with disabilities are at risk for poor birth outcomes. Little is known about specific potentially disabling health conditions and their effects on pregnancies. Using hospital claims, we identified women at risk for disability and evaluated the relationship between disability risk and demographic characteristics, pregnancy risks, and infant and maternal outcomes.

We used population-based medical claims data to identify women at risk for disability owing to health condition diagnoses, and to examine demographic characteristics, health risks, and maternal and infant outcomes among women with various causes of disability risk.

Disability risk identified through claims is associated with poor infant and maternal outcomes. Risk profiles vary by underlying health condition.