Sustainable Financing Models for Community Health Worker Services in Maine

Tuesday, November 1, 2016
Cover of Community Health Worker report for Maine
Katharine London, MS
Commonwealth Medicine

UMass Medical School health policy experts have developed sustainable financing models for the state of Maine to support four community health worker (CHW) interventions that focus on patients with the greatest, and most costly, health care needs.

The report examines academic literature documenting results obtained by CHW interventions in other parts of the country, calculates the outcomes that could be achieved if the same interventions were implemented in Maine, and provides budget specifications needed to achieve those outcomes.

Using actual population and cost data from Maine, interviews with Maine CHWs and features of CHW interventions operating in other states, the team constructed four cost-effective models that target specific health concerns in different Maine counties. These models can be used by community-based organizations, health care providers, public and private payers, and others to develop sustainable CHW interventions throughout the state of Maine.