State Medicaid Reimbursement for Medications for Chronic Hepatitis C Infection from 2012 through 2015

Tuesday, November 7, 2017
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Paul L. Jeffrey, PharmD
Commonwealth Medicine
Christine Lu, PhD
Harvard Medical School
Fang Zhang, PhD
Harvard Medical School
Nicole Golonski, MPH
Harvard Medical School
Caitlin Lupton, MSc
Harvard Medical School
Anita Wagner, PharmD
Harvard Medical School

New direct-acting antivirals have the ability to cure chronic hepatitis C virus infection, but the costs of these treatments and the number of patients that need them could bring about financial struggles for health systems. 

This journal article examines Medicaid reimbursement for HCV medications in the periods before and after the aforementioned direct-acting antivirals were made available. The report also analyzes the the effect of Medicaid expansion on reimbursement for direct-acting antivirals.