Making the Case for Sustainable Funding for Community Health Worker Services: Talking to Payers and Providers

Saturday, January 27, 2018
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Katharine London, MS
Commonwealth Medicine

In this presentation, Katharine London of the Center for Health Law and Economics makes her case for offering sustainable funding for community health worker services. Research has shown community health workers can have a distinct impact on health systems, helping them improve population health and contain costs, while also promoting health equity and community engagement.

This presentation was designed to assist CHWs and other advocates in engaging with policymakers and payers to support CHW sustainability and develop a financial plan for their CHW work. It was presented as part of a CHW Sustainability event held at the Families USA’s annual conference, Health Action 2018: Staying Strong for America’s Families, in Washington, DC.

See Katharine London's blog post on payment delivery methods for community health workers here. 

Health Action 2018: Staying Strong for America’s Families