Policy Brief: Addressing Social Determinants of Health through Community Health Workers: A Call to Action

Tuesday, January 30, 2018
Publication cover image
Katharine London, MS
Commonwealth Medicine
Grace Damio
Hispanic Health Council
Meredith Ferrazo
Southwestern AHEC
Rafael Perez-Escamalla, Dr.
Yale School of Public Health
Noelle Wiggins
Los Angeles County Department of Health Services

This technical report was compiled by the Hispanic Health Council in partnership with Southwestern AHEC and a panel of Community Health Worker Policy Research Experts which included Katharine London from our Health Law & Policy team. The report offers a number of policy recommendations for community health workers for communities that might benefit from community-based services.

The report offers recommendations on; payment of community health workers; community health worker caseloads; community health worker recruitment; community health worker training; reflective and trauma-informed mentoring and supportive supervision of community health workers; integration of community health workers into care teams; documenting the effect of community heal worker services on social determination of health. The Hispanic Health Council believes a service design that effectively supports community health workers would incorporate the seven areas of policy recommendation included in this report.