University of Massachusetts Medical School Report to Minnesota Department of Human Services - Health and Incarceration Project

Thursday, July 11, 2019
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Katharine London, MS
Commonwealth Medicine
Jeremy Tourish, MPH
Commonwealth Medicine

On behalf of the Minnesota Department of Health Services, Health Law & Policy experts from our Public and Private Health Solutions group completed a literature review of successful efforts to improve the health of previously incarcerated individuals. In addition, our experts conducted five focus groups to obtain recommendations from experienced professionals who work directly with previously incarcerated individuals regarding interventions likely to improve the health of this unique population.

This study came about at the direction of Minnesota Legislature. They were interested in developing a methodology for paying higher rates to health care providers who provide services to high cost and high complexity groups such as individuals who were previously incarcerated. The goal is to ensure that populations experiencing the greatest health disparities would achieve the same health and quality outcomes as other populations in Minnesota.

Accompanying the report is a list of recommendations for future policy considerations that be viewed here.