Public Retirement System Medical Board Review Services

Public retirement systems face a big challenge: overseeing disability benefits. Many don’t have the capacity to employ a team of onsite qualified clinicians experienced in evaluating disability claims who can serve as an independent medical review board.

Commonwealth Medicine provides quality, cost-effective, timely, and comprehensive Medical Board Review Services to public retirement systems. Our team processes upwards of 40,000 applications annually for state agencies and public retirement systems that include the Missouri Local Government Employees Retirement System (LAGERS), the Tennessee Consolidated Retirement System, and the Washington State Department of Retirement Systems. Because of our technical expertise, we were selected in 2018 as a consultant/preferred vendor for U.S. Social Security Administration Short Term Policy Research and Evaluation call orders. As state employees working in a publicly funded medical school, we understand the service mission of public retirement systems.

We also provide virtual workshops and training on managing trauma and stress and building resiliency that you can offer to your members. These trainings are particularly relevant now as employees cope with the global impact that can affect both physical and mental well-being.

Our onsite team approach consists of a unique combination of clinical and administrative capabilities:

  • Fully licensed physicians and psychologists from multiple specialties and subspecialties experienced in functional assessment and determining duty-relatedness of disability.
  • Registered Nurses, Certified Vocational Rehabilitation Counselors and other Allied Health professionals who are experts in applying appropriate rules and definitions to determine disability and work-related limitations.
  • Experienced clinical case managers to support development of medical information and timely review board recommendations.
  • Specialist evaluation of case files to ensure appropriate tests and reviews are completed before making recommendations.
  • Two decades experience interpreting and applying multiple federal and state definitions of disability on hundreds of thousands of disability cases.
  • Certified Vocational Rehabilitation Counselors experienced in comparing a member’s current functional abilities to the physical/mental demands of work.
  • Clinical and vocational staff available to provide testimony at appeals in support of denial decisions.
  • Quality management that includes ongoing case review, feedback, and trend identification followed by targeted training, remediation and process improvement.