We offer expertise with touchpoints across health and human services. Our comprehensive suite of solutions supports program integrity, improves member health, enhances public programs, and fosters a high-quality delivery system.

Business Transformation Solutions

We provide services to health and human service agencies, hospital systems and other health care organizations, and work with clients to implement a variety of health-related programs and initiatives that improve health care quality and reduce costs.

Clinical Delivery & Informatics Solutions

Our team provides a range of clinically-focused solutions to health and human services agencies and organizations, helping them reach their program goals of providing the appropriate care for the populations they serve.

Health Care Finance Solutions

We perform savings and revenue projects on behalf of municipal, state, and federal agencies. Our initiatives position states to save millions — in some cases billions — of dollars annually.

Health Care Operations Solutions

Our clinical and management consultants provide expert guidance to health care organizations –hospitals, nursing homes, long-term care and assisted living facilities, and more – so they have the necessary processes and practices in place to deliver high-quality care to their patients and residents.

Public & Private Health Solutions

Health care delivery systems and payment models in the public and private sectors are complex engines, demanding innovative thinking and broad expertise across several areas.