Budget Impact Forecasting

For payers and organizations committed to delivering the best possible care for patients while controlling costs, the pharmacy landscape has a high degree of financial risk. New drugs are approved faster than ever, even while evidence of efficacy continues to evolve.

Advanced research increasingly results in highly specialized – yet often costly – treatments for particular conditions and patient populations. Simultaneously, price doesn’t always reflect a new drug’s clinical impact, and value-oriented payment strategies continue to shift.

We can help you make sense of this complex landscape through budget impact forecasting – a comprehensive clinical and financial assessment of the drug pipeline. To produce curated and customized data-driven insights, our clinical pharmacists employ:

  • Pipeline monitoring
  • Evidence-based medicine review
  • Market intelligence
  • Pharmacy & medical claims analysis

Our independent and transparent forecasts arm you with the intelligence needed to support proactive contract negotiations and implement proactive formulary management strategies.

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