Call Center

Call centers play an important role in helping to enhance the consumer experience, conduct outreach to members, patients and providers, coordinate surveys, assist with benefits, and more. Yet it is often difficult for state agencies, health plans, and other organizations to operate an in-house call center for these purposes. That is why we operate large, full-service, and clinically based call centers — ensuring that our clients are afforded all the services they need to care for their members and patients and improve health outcomes.

Our call centers are designed to become an extension of your organization. We recognize that the services we provide reflect on you — and that is a responsibility we take seriously. The services we provide include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Outreach and enrollment campaigns
  • Targeted Adherence Counseling
  • Provider outreach
  • Coordination of benefits with insurers
  • Prior authorization and drug utilization review
  • Inbound customer support, issue resolution, and call triage
  • Appointment and refill reminder calls
  • Customer satisfaction surveys and health assessments

Our call centers utilize advanced technology, trained and highly skilled customer service representatives, and analytics capabilities to track results and develop reports. Other capabilities include:

  • Multilingual staff and translation/interpretation services
  • Clinical call center functionality operated by pharmacists and pharmacy associates
  • Quality monitoring and evaluation
  • Secure data storage, back-up facilities, and remote agent capabilities
  • Commitment to exceeding industry standards for call handling performance