Care Coordination

Our care coordination work takes form in a variety of ways. We provide direct services to providers and pharmacists, as well as practice transformation and patient-centered medical home training. We also work with Medicaid members on behalf of state agencies, ensuring they receive the services and supports they need and are entitled to. Our focus is always the same: to ensure individuals receive the most appropriate and highest quality care.

Our care coordination services include the following:

  • Providing long-term services and supports care coordination with a focus on individuals with complex medical needs who are among the highest utilizers of services
  • Helping public programs and health care organizations ensure individuals access the most clinically appropriate and cost-effective services and supports
  • Coordinating pharmaceutical care for medically fragile members who have Medicaid insurance and receive a significant number of supports, including continuous home nursing care
  • Helping practices with all aspects of practice transformation and patient-centered medical homes, including implementing components such as high-risk care management, transitions in care, and behavioral health integration