Clinical Pharmacy Services

Where Policy Meets Practice

Clinical Pharmacy Services provides consulting and pharmacy management services to help clients achieve the highest quality patient outcomes and ensure the effectiveness of their pharmacy benefit programs. Over 20 years, we have provided services that have impacted more than 2,500,000 patients.

We are a team of 100 pharmacists, pharmacy technicians, pharmacoeconomists, physicians, and data analysts. Through our comprehensive suite of customizable solutions and high touch call center, we deliver:

Over 200 years of
combined policy, clinical
and operational

  • Better patient outcomes
  • Data-driven intelligence
  • Medication cost containment

We layer critical analysis and pharmacy intelligence with clinical and operational excellence to build a solid foundation of clinical integrity, independence, and transparency for your pharmacy benefit program. In addition, we take a forward-thinking position and anticipate what’s on the horizon, including digital therapeutics and value-based contracting strategies.

Bonnie Greenwood, PharmD, BCPS
Director, Clinical Programs, Clinical Pharmacy Services
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You need to glean insights from extensive amounts of drug information and leverage data to make decisions that positively impact patients' health and well-being. We analyze the landscape, curate vast resources, and provide you with actionable evidence to make sound clinical and business decisions. Our consulting solutions include:


Pharmacy Management

While promising and beneficial for many people, new drug therapies can also be costly and have complex drug interactions and side effects. We can provide you with evidence-based clinical criteria and help you implement effective utilization management programs. We provide high-touch services to ensure patients receive the right medicine at the right time to help them be well while managing costs. Our pharmacy management solutions include: