Delivery System Reform Incentive Payment Program (DSRIP) Technical Assistance

As an approved technical assistance (TA) vendor in the Massachusetts DSRIP program, UMass Medical School’s Commonwealth Medicine division offers a wide range of technical support and services designed to strengthen the capabilities of Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs) and Community Partners (CPs)  to deliver improved member experience and health outcomes, while decreasing the total cost of care.

We have more than 30 years of successful experience operating in the Medicaid health care ecosystem. Our innovative, evidenced-based clinical, operational and technology strategies and solutions support   health plans, long-term services and supports (LTSS), and behavioral health (BH) organizations to meet the needs of socially, clinically and financially at-risk populations.

Learn how our patient-centered, community-based methodologies will support your organization’s work in the following TA Domains:

Consumer Engagement

Our team helps build the skill sets and technical capabilities necessary for ACOs and CPs to develop, implement and maintain a truly patient-centered model of care.

  • Contact center support and training to efficiently handle welcome calls, conduct educational patient outreach and health risk assessments, as well as day-to-day communication needs
  • Best practice support includes staff training on motivational interviewing techniques and multi-mode communications
  • Cultural competency training to gain insight and understanding of members’ needs and preferences
  • Strategy development for gathering essential patient input and valuable feedback, including multi-cultural communications and patient advisory councils (top)

Flexible Services

Commonwealth Medicine helps ACOs and CPs develop flexible services programs focused, on housing and food insecurity supports, by providing:

  • Project management skills and tools to create plans, increase accountability, and inspire teams to work together toward their shared goals
  • Business process design/redesign for developing clear policies and efficient workflows
  • Financial model development and payment processes to meet the distinct needs of providers, patients and the organization itself (top)

Health Information Technology

The business of health care requires stakeholders to submit, store, review, access, and share information—all while absolutely protecting patient confidentiality. We offer ACOs and CPs uncompromising health information technology that includes:

  • Work flow design and data-capture methodologies to support the priorities of loading, transferring, normalizing and structuring data from multiple sources to meet organizational needs, while maintaining confidentiality
  • Managing, analyzing and reporting capabilities that transform disparate data into timely, relevant, actionable information through descriptive, predictive, prescriptive and evaluative analytics  (top)

Performance Improvement

Commonwealth Medicine develops models of care especially for the LTSS and BH that are an essential part of the ACO and CP DSRIP mission, helping to strengthen every aspect of the organization. Our performance improvement services include:

  • Provider network development and implementation practices that ensure network adequacy through efficient recruitment, credentialing, training, and billing practices
  • Utilization management activities, including policy and process design for prior authorization, clinical guidelines, and medical necessity requirements
  • Program integrity initiatives to protect against fraud, waste and abuse, and establish fair and efficient processes for handling appeals and grievances (top)

Population Health

Strong clinical guidelines produce positive outcomes by delivering the right service in the right setting at the right time—while helping contain costs and protect program integrity. This is especially important as ACOs and CPs face increased demand for LTSS and BH services. Our team helps with services that include:

  • Pharmacy management services that include utilization trend analysis to ensure the quality of active medication or therapeutic initiatives, and identify areas for performance enhancement
  • Complex case management and care coordination, including in-home evaluations and needs assessments to support timely delivery of clinically appropriate and cost-effective care
  • Behavioral health integration, with strategies and operational support to fully align behavioral health into primary care practices and protocols to facilitate the transition of care (top)

Workforce Training

An organization is only as strong as its staff. With our long track record of service in the Medicaid ecosystem, Commonwealth Medicine is especially well-qualified to assist ACOs and CPs in recruitment, training, development and retention of dedicated and talented staff at every level. Our services include:

  • Best practice model design for provider recruitment, outreach, and engagement, helping retain key staff members with specific required skills sets
  • Curriculum development and training for the specialized needs of social workers, community health workers, and other direct care workers; including topics such as evaluation and treatment of youth and adults with complex emotional and behavioral challenges
  • Direct care worker supervisor competency training designed to support effective communications, performance management and evaluations, and useful feedback and coaching techniques (top)