Infection Control and Prevention Advisory Services

Long-term care settings – including assisting living and nursing facilities, congregate care programs, and rest homes – deliver a wide range of quality care and services to many residents. However, the COVID-19 pandemic has shown that these congregate care settings are especially at risk of infection outbreaks if appropriate practices and processes are not established and maintained. 

Commonwealth Medicine’s Infection Control and Prevention Advisory Services support work with long-term care settings to mitigate risk through managing and sustaining compliance. Our team of clinicians and process improvement experts consults with site administration to analyze existing practices and identify potential problem areas. We then support the facility in implementing processes and training to eliminate or minimize the impact of infection outbreaks.

Commonwealth Medicine’s Infection Control and Prevention Advisory Services include:

Onsite Assessment

Our clinical team conducts onsite assessments, reviewing current infection prevention practices, resident and staff movement. Individualized recommendations and guidelines based on their findings are then delivered. Ongoing implementation support is also available.

Site Self-Assessment

We develop and provide facilities with setting-specific self-assessment tool for data collection. Our team reviews the data and provides recommendations and advisory support, including ideas and strategy for implementation. We can also provide ongoing implementation support.   


Our team creates and delivers infection control education in various formats – including in-person training, virtual webinars, “train the trainer,” and best practices sharing sessions. Trainings are available as standalone or as part of a site assessment.