Medication Therapy Management

Our MTM program enhances collaboration among pharmacists, physicians, and other health care team members, strengthens communication between patients and their health care team, and optimizes medication use to improve patient outcomes. Using motivational interviewing techniques, we ensure patients take the right medications, at the right time, and in the right way.

We help clients implement a medication therapy management program through a proactive approach that includes:

  • Identification of patients with specific disease states using sophisticated queries
  • Analysis of prescribing trends to identify adherence issues and high-risk medications
  • Provision of culturally sensitive and easy-to-understand patient materials and medication education
  • Assurance that patients understand how to obtain and properly use their medications by using the "teach-back" method
  • Evidence-based and cost-effective medication recommendations designed to improve therapeutic outcomes
  • Communication of medication and lifestyle recommendations to the patient’s care team
  • Review of disease states on a regular basis to ensure our recommendations reflect updated clinical guidelines

With our customizable program model, we can quickly design an MTM program that complies with new rules and addresses our clients’ evolving needs. Our high comprehensive medication review (CMR) completion rate helped one client achieve a 5-star rating for the medication therapy management Star Rating measure.