Policy Development

Health care policy, both on local and national levels, is constantly evolving. Public agencies are tasked with ensuring that people have access to quality, cost-effective health care services.

Our health policy leaders have the expertise essential for successfully developing, analyzing, and implementing health policy. We work with you to develop, evaluate, and implement policies for targeted pieces of your program — or for your entire organization. Our services include the following:

  • Delivering the full range of data analytics needed to develop and implement strong policies and programs. This includes analyzing data and interpreting results, creating payment, cost and financing models, and building legal and public engagement strategies.
  • Facilitating health care transformation by distilling complex concepts and competing parameters into understandable choices. We bring decision-makers together with consumers and stakeholders to make policy that works.
  • Managing clients' complex health care policy projects to help states implement reforms in health care delivery, health care access, and payment system design. We identify, prioritize, and sequence key tasks — and the resources required to complete those tasks — to achieve project goals and timelines.
  • Developing and promoting policies to help people with disabilities overcome obstacles that can prevent them from working.
  • Working with state agencies to develop financing initiatives to help prepare people to pay for long-term care for themselves and their family members.
  • Conducting extensive analyses of pharmacy and medical claims data and compare it to current evidence-based medicine and clinical guidelines. Our resulting policy-change recommendations maximize positive patient outcomes while containing costs.
  • Studying how health policy can support — or hinder — effective substance abuse treatment. Our team is also researching the impact of addiction on the management and cost of chronic illness.